Mastectomy Drain Pouches for After Surgery Post Surgical Drain Holder

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  • With Breast Cancer after you've had a mastectomy you need something to manage your drains. Holding them or pinning them is not a solution. These medical drain carriers are your answer.

  • The KILI Medical Drain Carrier shower pouch is mesh and dries quickly. Waterproof for easy care.

  • The Dry Pouch has Two separate pouch areas. Drain pouch is soft so it won't irritate the skin

  • Dry pouch accommodates your surgical drains as well as you cell phone or TV changer

  • Dry Pouch measures 70" from tie end to tie end. The KILI Drain Carrier measures 90" end of tie to end of tie

Details: Whether you've had a breast cancer mastectomy, reconstructive surgery or any surgery that requires you having drains you know it's a problem. You end up hand carrying them.Our Helping Hands Dry Recovery Drain Pouch apron gives you plenty of room for 4 drains. There are two pocket compartments. This way you can put your drains in one pocket and your cell phone and TV changer in the other. It's very soft so it makes sense to use it day and night! The shower pouch is a KILI Medical Drain Carrier made from mesh and dries quickly. Using a lanyard or pinning them up somehow, or worse, trying to hold them with one hand while trying to shower with the other is painful and ridiculous. This shower drain pouch gives you the perfect solution to contain your post-operative medical drains so you can property shower. Save when you buy as a bundle.

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.2 x 1.0 inches