Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover Adds Inches of Water to Tub for Warmer

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  • An easy way to increase the depth of your bath water safely.

  • Adheres with suction cups to seal securely around overflow drain.

  • 4" diameter with a 2" depth. Fits over common overflow drains: toggle/trip lever, flat, or snap drain types.

  • Easy to clean: just rinse and air dry or toss it in the dishwasher.

  • Mildew resistant, soft and flexible design.


Enjoy a Warmer, Deeper Bath
Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover seals securely around your overflow drain to safely increase the water depth. The result? A warmer, deeper bath you can sink into.

4" Diameter Fits Commonly Sized Overflow Drains

With a 4" diameter, the Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover fits over commonly sized overflow drains.

12 Suction Cups Keep the Bottomless Bath in Place

Twelve suction cups surround the Bottomless Bath's perimeter to keep it in place over your overflow drain cover. Be sure to run warm water over the suction cups and press each suction cup firmly against your tub's surface to seal.

Helpful Tips for Using Your Bottomless Bath

The 1" hole on top of the Bottomless Bath helps excess water to drain. Be sure to place the hole facing up to enjoy the full benefits of your Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover.

To clean your Bottomless Bath, simply rinse and air dry after use. If needed, wash in top rack of dishwasher.

Common Overflow Drains
With a 4” Diameter, the Bottomless Bath fits over common overflow drains: trip lever, flat, or snap drain types.