Bed Hand Rail Adjustable Height Bed Step Stool with LED Light

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Bedroom safety and comfortability are always overlooked and this negligence is a risky for the seniors and the bedridden invalids. Bed rails for adults are recommended for the purpose of safety and prevent patients from accidentally rolling or falling out of their beds. When well designed, they prevent bed entrapment. In addition, they serve as aids to those elderly adults who might have difficulties in mobility as well as getting in and out of bed.


  • Helps Your Loved One Get In And Out of Bed. Adjustable Height Bed Step Stool
  • Bed Hand Rail That Works On Either Side of Bed with No Attachment Necessary
  • Extra-Wide Landing Base With Non-Slip Step. Portable, Lightweight & Sturdy Steel - Holds 400 lbs
  • The step Has Motion Activated LED Lighted Guided Step. Portable Bedroom Fall Reduction Tool
  • Your Loved One Is Worth It, Reduce the Risk of Falls, Stay Independent Longer and Enjoy Piece of Mind



The Rail is used in the bedroom for anyone with mobility issues to help them get in-and-out of bed safer. Using Motion-Activated LED Lighting to guide the way, the Rail is unlike any product on the market!

Able to be assembled on either side of the bed, the steel support grab bars help give piece of mind when getting in-and-out of bed. Most beds sit too high and are difficult to get in-and-out of. The Rail helps provide the safety of a step and a grab bar to create a safe bedroom environment.

This is the PERFECT bedroom safety assist aid for seniors, elderly, disabled, handicapped, hip replacement recovery, and those suffering from back pain or other injuries.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT STEP WITH NON-SLIP GRIP TAPE - height adjustment settings from 2.5"-7.5" for any size bed. Non-Slip Grip Tape helps reduce the risk of falls.

DURABLE AND ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - The Rail is made of Stainless Steel with a powder coating for long term use and satisfaction.

Customize the Rail to meet your needs
-Motion Activated LED Light

-Adjustable Height Step

-Extra-Wide Landing Base With Non-Slip Step

-Lightweight & Sturdy - Weight Capacity 400 lbs


-Can Be Assembled On Either Side Of The Bed

Freestanding device that sits at the bedside

The rail sits at the bedside and is portable.

Motion activated LED lighting - 121' sq ft of lighting

Motion Activated LED lighting helps as you approach the Rail to enter into the bed and also when you get out of bed.
It illuminates the step and the floor as you are using the product.

Six Different Height Adjustments

The step adjusts from 2.5"-7.5" in height. This allows the user to customize the height of the step to meet their specific needs. Combined with the motion activated LED light, the rail allows you to reduce the risk of falls no matter where you are in the aging continuum.

The bed step supports 400 lbs!
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Safety is our biggest priority so we didn't skimp on parts and use aluminum or plastic. Making the product from steel ensures that our users will be safe when using the product.

Able To Assemble On Either Side Of The Bed

The Step was designed so when it's assembled it can be use on either side of the bed. This allows you to use the product in your home no matter what side of the bed you sleep on!


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