Bed Assist Rail Support Bar Handle with LED Sensor Nightlight and Anchor Strap

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Bedroom safety and comfortability are always overlooked and this negligence is a risky for the seniors and the bedridden invalids. Bed rails for adults are recommended for the purpose of safety and prevent patients from accidentally rolling or falling out of their beds. When well designed, they prevent bed entrapment. In addition, they serve as aids to those elderly adults who might have difficulties in mobility as well as getting in and out of bed.


  • Industrys safest and most feature-packed bed assist rail available. new adjustable height top rail accommodates thick mattresses and mattresses with toppers.
  • Integrated intelligence motion sensing LED night light means you will never be left in the dark. Drastically reduces slip, trip and fall injuries.
  • Padded grip for comfort and safety, easy to clean powder coated finish.
  • Includes free bed frame anchor strap to ensure optimal safety. never use any bed assist rail without an anchor strap. 
  • Modern white(non-chrome,non-institution looking) finish. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

platinum health lumarail fs deluxe bed assist rail

Never use any bed assist rail without securely attching a bed frame anchor strap. failure to anchor a bed assist rail to the frame of the bed can cause the bed assist rail to move away from the bed create a dangerous gap that can cause injury.
Weight: 6lbs