Bed Assist Bar with Storage Pocket, and Height Adjustable Bed Rail

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Color: Black


  • Provides help getting in and out of bed Bed safety bar can be placed on either side of the bed
  • Quick and easy, too-free assembly Latex-free, sturdy construction
  • Height adjustable legs and grip bar Mesh pocket offers handy storage
  • Overall product dimensions: 36"-44" H x 14" W x 28" DWeighs 6 lbs
  • Bed assist rail fits most twin-, full- and queen-sized beds


Bed Assist Bar
Get in and out of bed with comfort and ease
Whether recovering from surgery like a hip replacement, dealing with back pain or arthritis, or just coping with general unsteadiness, the Bed Assist Bar offers added stability for greater confidence and peace of mind.

The Bed Assist Bar fits most beds from twin to queen, as well as most bed heights. It can be placed on either side of the bed, sliding easily between the mattress and box spring. Safety straps are included that wrap around the mattress for extra reinforcement. A simple push-button adjustment lets you slide the legs and soft grip handle up and down to provide a custom fit.\

  • Fits most beds up to queen size and includes additional safety straps for added reinforcement.

 Easy Tool-Free Installation

Step 1:
Open the box and remove the contents. Layout all parts on a flat surface area to simplify the assembly process.

Step 2:
Assemble the Bed Assist Bar as instructed in the user guide.

Attach the Storage Pocket to the outside of the Assist Bar.

Step 3:
Take the mattress off the bed. Place the assembled bed assist bar at a desired location on your bed. Wrap the safety strap around the box spring or bed frame from your location to the opposite side of the bed and back again. Tighten. Place the mattress back on the bed.

Step 4:
A simple push-button adjustment lets you slide the legs and soft grip handle up and down to provide a custom fit.

Bed Assist Bar Features

Comfortable Hand Grip
The durable constructed Bed Assist Bar features a soft grip handle for comfort and strong steel design providing you the with added confidence.

Organizer and Storage Pouch
Included with the Bed Assist is a convenient 13 x 9 inches nylon pocket, great for keeping personal items handy.

Height Adjustable
The Bed Assist Bar offers two locations for height adjustment. The hand grip height adjusts up and down to fit various heights of different beds. Legs from the ground up provide extra support for an even more secure fixture.