Disposable Sitz Bath Soak Fits in Elongated or Oval Toilet, 6 ct/pack

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  • Every thing you need for sitz bath for hemorrhoids treatment, includes 6 disposable Sitz bath and 6 packets of Epsom salt.Choose Sitz bath for vaginal sitz bath.

  • Can be used with other hemorroid~s cream or ointment for better result. Sitz bath cleanses the area after defeacation and gives immediate relief from itching and promotes natural healing.

  • Great for home, office or travel. Can fit in your pocket.

  • Fits in elongated or oval toilet / basin. No need to clean sitz bath after use.

Details: The kit provides compact sitz bath solution for fast relief of pain and inflammation of different ano-rectal diseases like hemorrhoids, anal fissure/fistula and post-surgical recovery.It contains 6 disposable Sitz baths & 6 packets of sitz bath salt. They are designed for single use, so that you don't have to clean the sitz bath after use. Other conventional sitz baths are needed to be cleaned after each use. The kit is small in size and fits into standard medicine cabinet. They are easy to organize or carry when travelling. The kit is also very easy to use. Just unfold it, set it on the commode, put in included sitz bath salt and then pour icy cold water. It is now ready to use.