Back Pain Relief Bolster Pillow - Half Moon Knee Pillow for Side, Back, Stomach Sleepers - Semi Roll Round Lumbar Leg Wedge

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Reduce Neck Spine Back Hip Ankle Stress - Organic Cotton Cover


  • EFFECTIVE ORTHOPEDIC PAIN RELIEF - Recommended by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Sports Trainers and Doctors, Bed Roll Pillow uses 100% premium quality visco-elastic memory foam which is hypo-allergenic and provides excellent comfort and support to different areas of body, such as lower back, knees, hips, legs or ankles, and is best for back, side, or stomach sleepers, knee / hip replacement after surgery recovery, or during pregnancy.

  • LUMBAR PILLOW, KNEE ROLL PILLOW, LEG RAISER or SPACER - Ensure spine / hip alignment and relaxation, positively improve quality of sleep and rejuvenate your body. This memory foam positioning wedge body pillow is perfect to provide cushion and lumbar support for sleeping / sitting while relieving lower back and sciatic nerve pains, Scoliosis and Sciatica Relief.

  • MULTI POTISTIONAL BODY SUPPORT - Uses this Half Moon Bolster as under knee support pillow, spacer between legs, lumbar support while sitting on reclining sofa / couch / chair, leg bolster for elevating your legs while sleeping on your back, or position under your ankles to lift your feet for better circulation while reducing varicose veins and accelerating post surgery recovery. Can also be used for car seat back lumbar support while driving

  • TOP RATED PILLOW with BEST MATERIAL - The dual layer firm bolster pillow uses 100% Visco-elastic hypo-allergenic memory foam, which provides excellent back, knee and hip support without flattening out all night, ideal for long term use. Covered by breathable and machine washable organic cotton cover that is easy to clean. IDEAL GIFT for Mother's Day, Father's Day,, Labor Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas.


Back Pain Relief Half Moon Bolster Pillow with Organic Cotton Cover
This semi-roll bolster pillow is a must-have for back, side and stomach sleepers. It is custom designed to allow best support for knee, lower back, hip, ankle, wrist and neck, based on real life customer feedback. Do not settle for anything less, grab this BeautifulLife Half-Moon Bolster Pillow Today to relief body pains and enjoy full night's sleep again!


  • Enable proper spine and hip alignment. Great for relieving knee, lower back, hip, ankle, neck and other joint pains
  • Best for post-surgery recovery for hip / knee / spine disc surgery, arthritis / scoliosis relief, spine alignment and hip flexor support
  • Provide balanced support during pregnancy and maternity
  • Comfortable hypoallergenic memory foam never flattens out. Stay in place while sleeping
  • Removable and washable organic cotton cover. Easy to keep it clean


  • Under knees support for back sleepers
  • Between legs spacer support for side sleepers
  • Ankle elevation for both back and stomach sleepers
  • Lumbar spine support for lower back while seating on bed / sofa / couch / chair
  • Under the neck to prop your head up while watching TV
  • Tuck on back side to keep side sleeping position or to prevent rolling over