Memory Loss Elderly Reusable Self Stick Label Kit for Alzheimer’s Dementia

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  • Includes: 12 Room/Door Decals & 24 Drawer/Closet Decals.These Removable Self Adhesive Labels are the perfect solution to assist seniors that begin experiencing memory loss. Even while in their own homes, they may find it increasingly difficult to remember where things are.These unique decal labels help your loved ones locate & identify the various Rooms in the House, Drawers & Cabinets in the Kitchen & Drawers & Closets in the Bedroom. A descriptive graphic is displayed along side the wording.

  • BATHROOMS can now be easily located which is especially important in new or unfamiliar surroundings. In case of emergency, when every minute counts, a decal marking the FRONT DOOR or OUTSIDE DOOR exit leading to the outside will be easier to locate.Helps minimize fear, frustration & agitation of being unable to locate previously familiar objects or locations in the home.

  • Re-Usable decal labels can be used over and over. This label collection is manufactured using a high technology adhesive that allows removal and replacement. They won't harm wood, laminate or painted surfaces. To renew the label’s adhesive backing, simply rinse the labels in warm water & let dry.

  • Ideal for seniors who are relocating (either temporarily or permanently). They are invaluable when a loved one goes to a child or grandchild’s home for the holidays. Helps seniors feel secure & helps them acclimate to new surroundings by knowing where everything is located.

  • Label kit contains: 12 ROOM & DOOR Decals (size: 5.5" x 2.5" ) & also contains 24 DRAWER & CLOSET Decals (size: 4.25" x 1.75") . Small 6.5" x 6.25" LOOSE LEAF STYLE BOOK (INCLUDED) to store labels when traveling or not in use.

Product description
Label Kit contains 12 ROOM & DOOR Decals: 3=Bedroom / 2=Bathroom / 1=Kitchen / 1=Living Room/ 1=Dining Room / 1=Family Room / 1=Laundry / 1=Front Door / 1=Outside Door. The Label Kit also contains 24 DRAWER & CLOSET Decals: 2=Food / 1=Dishes / 1=Pots & Pans / 1=Cups & Mugs / 1=Silverware / 1=Dish Towels / 1=Cleaning Products / 1=Broom Closet / 1=Odds & Ends / 1=Linens / 1=Medicine / 1=Toiletries / 1=Bath Towels / 1=Pajamas-Nightgowns / 1=Woman's Underwear / 1=Men’s Underwear / 1=Underwear & Socks / 2=Woman’s Cloths / 2=Men’s Cloths / 1=Shoes / 1=Coats.

Labels can be stored in a small compact Loose Leaf style Book (INCLUDED).

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