Memory Loss Fidget Blanket - - Alzheimer’s Therapy Aid Product - Anxiety Relief Fidget Toy Improves Mental Stimulation

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Product description

  • FIDGET BLANKET: This Fidget Blanket will cover a throw Blanket with engaging sensory activities for adults. The active hands allow for staying busy, Elderly patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s use can use this Fidget Blanket to reduce the negative effects.

  • COMFORTING: Lay the Fidget Blanket flat on a seated lap in a chair or wheelchair. People with special sensory needs find the hand fidgeting relaxing and soothing. It's a great aid for anxiety-inducing activities, they can do so discreetly with a laptop pillow and this beautiful, colorful fidget cover.

  • IMPROVES HAND DEXTERITY: The Snapback buckle strap, webbing buckle, memory card/photo, shoe lace, cloth flaps, buttons, zipper and threaded rope all help keep fingers, hands and joint mobile and engaged to help strengthen them, which is particularly important for the elderly.

  • CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: The backing is made of polar fleece to keep legs warm and prevent the quilt from slipping off the patient’s lap. All activities with Alzheimer's or Dementia patients should be closely supervised. The quilt should be spot cleaned by hand and lay flat to dry when needed.

► Elastic band with snap button
► Snapback buckle strap
► Webbing buckle
► Cloth flaps
► Buttons
► Shoe lace
► Sensory material 1 - minky dimple
► Sensory material 2 - sequin
► Sensory material 3 - fur
► Elastic pulling string
► Zipper
► Velcro
► Memory card/photo
► Pocket
► Sewing hole

Package Dimensions: 13.35 x 13.27 x 3.03 inches; 1.08 Pounds

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