28" Long Dressing Stick | Ideal Dressing Aid for Shoes, Socks, Shirts and Pants

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  • Mostly recommended by health professionals and therapists. The Deluxe Dressing Stick makes putting on and taking off clothing easier.
  • Extra Large Vinyl coated Push/Pull Hook has a unique bend to assist with putting on shirts, pulling up pants, skirts, or helping put on shoes or removing socks
  • Vinyl coated "C" shaped Cup Hook on opposite end for pulling zippers and shoelace loops
  • Smooth finish protects delicate fabrics. Lightweight but Sturdy 5/8" diameter hardwood dowel.
  • 28" overall length helps users with limited mobility assistance with dressing and retrieving objects. 

Product description

28" Deluxe Dressing Stick which was designed carefully by healthcare professionals and made from high quality materials. The dressing stick is a dressing aid for putting on and taking off clothing and is suitable for individuals who have difficulty bending or limited movement. The dressing stick has a vinyl coated hook/pusher and a "C" hook on the opposite end to make dressing easier. The dressing stick measures overall 28" (L) from one end to the other. 

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