Universal Roller 3.5 AG 496 Needles Active Applicator Acupressure Massager Therapy Tool for Elderly Seniors adult

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  • Improve Health Reduces pain, increases healing, speeds up metabolism and promotes blood circulation

  • Look Younger:Rejuvenates the skin, combats cellulite and repairs muscle

  • Feel Great:Relieves fatigue, gives energy and enhances your vitality & your mood

  • Multipurpose a dynamic massage for all ages and any part of the body
Product description
Regardless of age and gender, a healthy, youthful appearance is what we all wish for. After just a few uses of this roller you will begin to see results:

* Renewal of the vitality of your skin & skin rejuvenation

* Relief of fatigue

* Decreased muscle pain due to the sedative effect of the roller

* A noticeable smoothing of areas affected by cellulite

* It works to optimize your health while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of your skin.

When treated, the area of stimulation will change in appearance as it fills with blood, changes temperature, sensitivity, electric potential and resistance. All of which creates the perfect environment for the treatment and ultimately rejuvenation of the body.

This smartly designed acupressure roller is the latest in safe and natural home treatments the equivalent of which you would find in the most exclusive cosmetic and acupuncture clinics.

This quality tool with wooden handle & soft & pliable rubber roller with needles of 5 different metals pampers your body.

Thanks to its perfect size (2.75 wide x with a diameter of 1.8 inches) and just 0.14 inches between each of the 496 needles, it is suitable for any part of the body and for anyone to use. Please note: Colors Vary.

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