Adjustable Bath Support Shower Hand Grip | Bathtub Rail Clamp Railing for the Elderly and Children

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  • Safely enter or exit the tub: Safely step in or out of the tub with the help of a sturdy bathtub rail. The parallel bathtub grab bar supports up to 300 pounds and provides extra stability and security for seniors, children and those recovering from injury or surgery.

  • Adjusts to fit most bathubs: Easily adjustable, the durable steel bathtub rail fits most bathtub edges ranging between 3 to 7 inches thick.

  • Scratch resistant ergonomic rall: Non-wearing rubber pads protect the surface of the bathtub from scratches, scuffs and scrapes during regular use of the safety rail. The ergonomic rounded handle is 14.5" high and provides a comfortable, secure grip.

  • Simple tool- free installation: Easily installing on the side of most bathtub styles, the rail uses a stainless steel clamp mechanism to secure the parallel bathtub rail in place.


Bathtub Rail
Providing additional stability and security when entering or exiting the bathtub, the parallel bathtub rail easily adjusts to fit most bathtub styles. The scratch resistant bathtub grab bar is constructed with a durable stainless steel with non-marking rubber pads to protect the surface of the bathtub and secure the rail in place.

What's Included: Bathtub Rail

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