7 Piece Hip and Knee Replacement Kit - Surgery Recovery Set

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  • PREMIUM 6 PIECE SET: 1x Reacher Grabber, 1x Long Shoe Horn, 1x Sock Assist, 1x Loop Leg Lifter, 1x Shower Back Scrubber, 1x Dressing Stick.

  • EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS FOR INDEPENDENCE AFTER SURGERY: Premium recovery kit provides essential aid for everyday tasks while recovering from hip or knee surgery, bariatric surgery or for daily living needs for those with limited mobility, restricted range of motion or other hindrances. Reduces unnecessary movements during the recovery time, making dressing and bathing without bending and twisting easier.

  • REACH, GRAB AND GO WITH EASE: Easily reach an item on high shelves, or pick up dropped items with the 32" rotating reacher. With a soft, ergonomic grip, the reacher has a nonslip rubberized jaw to safely retrieve necessary items without bending, twisting or stretching. Also included in the kit is a loop leg lifter. Durably constructed, the loop leg lifter has a 26" foothold to easily hold any shoe. Useful for safely repositioning the leg and foot on a bed, wheelchair, or even in a car or SUV

  • BATHE AND DRESS INDEPENDENTLY: Easily clean hard to reach areas without bending or twisting with the 17" loofah brush. Dress without assistance with the dressing stick. Featuring a large S hook for pulling on slacks, skirts and shirts. The sock assist allows you to easily put on socks and hosiery without bending over. A wide, slip-resistant cuff ensures the sock does not slide off of the sock assist. A long shoe horn is also included to easily put on any type of shoe while standing.