Half-Moon Bolster/Wedge Memory Foam Support Pillow with removable cover

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  • WHAT IS A FOUR POSITION PILLOW? - This half moon shaped pillow can be used for many purposes and is similar to a wedge cushion. This pillow can be used for massage, physical therapy, sleeping or anything else you might need proper alignment for. Use it under your neck, for lower back support, under your knees or ankles for back sleepers or even between your legs for side sleepers. We have customers who use this and a bed spacer to prevent them from rolling over as well.
  • NEED MORE LEG SUPPORT? - Due to the shape of our pillow and the adjustable height - you can get just the right support and lift for your legs, knees or ankles while you sleep, watch tv, get a massage or engage in physical therapy. Pillow too high? Just remove the layer of foam inside the washable zippered cover to adjust the elevation to your needs.
  • NEED MORE LUMBAR SPINE SUPPORT? - Use this our bolster pillow to perfectly adjust and align the support you need for your lumbar spine. You can also use the pillow under your neck for support while sleeping in bed. Our semi roll pillow is the perfect behind the back pillow , leg pillow or knee pillow to alleviate back pain or sciatic nerve pain
  • UNIQUE PILLOW FOR A UNIQUE BODY - All of us are different and have different needs. Its time there was a pillow that adjusts to us. Our patent pending design allows just that - add or remove the extra layer of foam from the washable zippered case to make it just right for your own needs. The pillow arrives vaccum sealed and rolled up. Remove the pillow form the bag and allow it some time to air out and fluff up to its normal size.


The Four Positions pillow seeks to alleviate some of the aches and pains you may be suffering from poor alignment and support. This patent pending versatile pillow has an insert of foam that can be added or removed to adjust to fit your own unique needs. 

The support pillow measures 21" x 8" x 5" and comes vaccum sealed and rolled up in a box. Remove the inner poly bag and carefully open to break the seal. Then allow the pillow to air out and fluff up to reach its normal shape.

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