Stander 30" Adjustable Bed Rail for Home Elderly Adults Bedside Safety Bed Rai with Swing Down Assist Handle

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Bedroom safety and comfortability are always overlooked and this negligence is a risky for the seniors and the bedridden invalids. Bed rails for adults are recommended for the purpose of safety and prevent patients from accidentally rolling or falling out of their beds. When well designed, they prevent bed entrapment. In addition, they serve as aids to those elderly adults who might have difficulties in mobility as well as getting in and out of bed.


  • Two-in-one product to use as bed rail and assist handle
  • 30 inch bedside rail to prevent rolling or falling out of bed
  • Bed support handle pivots down 180° when not in use
  • Attaches to most home and adjustable beds with included safety strap
  • Weight capacity of rail: 300 lbs. Strong and durable


30" Safety Bed Rail

The 30 inch Safety Bed Rail provides full protection from nighttime falls. Its 30 inch long frame is ideal for keeping your loved one in bed, even during those restless nights. Don't trust your health with just any plastic bed rail. The powder-coated steel 30 inch Safety Rail will provide the ultimate protection you need at night.

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • 3" gap between rails
  • Pivots down by pulling two pins
  • Optional padded pouch

Will The 30" Safety Bed Rail Work with my Bed?

The 30" Safety Bed Rail can be installed on most traditional beds, from a twin to a California king. It also fits most adjustable beds with 30" or more clearance from the headboard to the bend of the bed. The 30" Safety Rail works with platform beds in which the slats run length wise from the top of the bed to the bottom and beds with slats running width wise with gaps between the slats that are 5 inch or less. If your bed has a light foam mattress, no box spring, or is in someway unconventional, please call our customer support team.

Pivots Down 180°
The 30 inch Safety Bed Rail pivots downward a full 180° to make it easy to make the bed and change the linens. Just by pulling the pin your bed rail is completely out of the way.

You will need about 24" of clearance between the floor and the top of your box spring in order for the rail to fold flat against the bed.

Hand Rail
The 30 inch Safety Bed Rail also acts as a convenient hand rail for getting in and out of bed.

Thanks to the safety strap which buckles to the bed frame on the opposite side of the bed, you don't have to worry about the rail sliding!

The 30 inch Safety Bed Rail comes with the option of having an organizer pouch that not only provides a convenient location for personal items, but also protects against entrapment.