2X-Thick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow, SuperGrip Suction Cups

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  • EXCLUSIVE DOUBLE-THICK LUXURY FOAM: Relax in unmatched luxury with the double thick foam of the Epica Spa Pillow. We all want our world to melt away in warm bubble baths. Inspired by luxury pillows used in the highest-end spas, the Epica comfort foam brings warm support to your much-needed downtime.

  • MOST POWERFUL SUCTION CUPS ON THE MARKET: Sometimes, size does matter. The Epica pillow has the largest, thickest, most powerful suction cups on the market, strategically placed to ensure your head stays perfectly positioned.

  • IDEAL FOR ANY PERSON OR TUB: Epica's invigorating two-panel design bends around the edge of the tub, cradling anyone's head, neck and shoulders expertly. The flexible hinge is adaptable to any tub shape, including Roman tubs, air jet tubs and jacuzzis.

  • THE MOST WONDERFUL GIFT: Whether for mother to daughter or anyone in between, be responsible for your loved one getting some real relaxation time in. Give the most comfortable bath pillow for anything from birthdays to bridal parties.


Go ahead and pour in the Epsom salts. The 2X luxury spa bath pillows are designed specifically to provide the most comfortable, relaxing bathing experience.

That means going beyond your average bath pillow. The spa bath pillows were manufactured to stay rooted to their place while supporting your neck and head with deep comfort. Through extensive design research, the team redefined the typical bath pillow. The result: a completely water proof, completely durable, completely stress proof bath pillow.

A big problem with most bath pillows were that they weren’t really pillows. Inflatables felt like you were resting your head on an air mattress, and cloth bath pillows don’t dry fast enough to be used often. The patented double-thick padding is twice as thick as typical bath pillows. This lets you feel like your head and shoulders actually sink into comfort.

Another complaint we saw about supposed “spa” bath pillows was that the suction could be a lot better, resulting in pillows slipping or falling into the bath.

We designed its premium spa bath pillow for staying rooted to baths. Our seven thick and powerful suction cups are strategically placed to make sure you never have to think about them.

The ultra-soft and waterproof construction keeps mildew out. While fabric and inflatable pillows collect mildew around the edges or even inside, the unique design blocks any fluids from reaching the foam padding while still allowing for breathability to prevent heat build-up.

Whether for pain management or sanity management, a good bath can leave you feeling better than ever. The cushy 14”x12.5” bath spa pillow cover is sleek and heavenly to sink into. Waterproof and made to last, just fill the tub, light the candles, and let your mind wander.