Alzheimer’s Dementia Elderly Seniors 19" Rotating Grabber Reacher

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Is it troublesome to get a far-away item in a wheelchair? After a debilitating surgery, will it be more difficult to pick up the items? Whatever your reason may be, the Grabber Reacher is all that you need to solve it all. It allows its users with limited mobility to expand their reach. They provide aid to people who have limited mobility of limbs. Most from it.

  • 19-inch version of the Hand Grip reacher family is an ideal solution for where extra long reach is not needed, helpful for individuals in wheelchair
  • Head rotates 90 degrees to reach from any angle
  • Flexible finger-like tip allows for picking up the smallest of items
  • Ergonomic handle provides a very comfortable grip

Product Description

19" Short Range Rotating Reacher Grabber with Rubberized Jaw

19" in Length:
Sometimes longer reachers are just not as effective as what you'd think. It is particularly true when you sit in front seat of the car but need to reach a bottle of water on the back seat, sitting in a wheelchair or on a rollator but need to pick up a remote control dropped on floor, shopping in a grocery store but just need a few extra inches to reach items on top shelves, or to move your laundry from the washer to the dryer. The 19" reacher grabber is designed specifically for when extra long reach is not needed. It is handy, portable, and easy to store for travel purposes.

The shaft is made from rust-proof lightweight aluminum and the internal wire is made from steel cable for durability and ease of use.

90-Degree Rubberized Rotating Jaw:
The jaw rotates and locks at 90 degrees for vertical or horizontal use. It is made from soft rubber to allow picking up the smallest items with ease.

Anti-Slip Jaw:
The jaw is coated with anti-slip material to prevent items from slipping or dropping.

Soft Grip Trigger and Ergonomic Handle:
Soft Grip Trigger and Padded Ergonomic Handle allow for most comfortable grip, especially for prolonged use.

The 19" Rotating Reacher Grabber is an Excellent Tool for Indoor and Outdoor Purposes

Reaching Back Seat

Made of Heavy duty connecting cable, soft grip trigger and ergonomic handle for comfort and durablility. The jaw can be rotated at a full 90 degree to use vertically or horizontally.

Grab A Bottle of Water

19" Grabber is also an ideal reacher for short range needs such as reaching small objects on back seat from front seat in a car. It is portable and a good travel size.

Picking Up A Key

19" Grabber is excellent for short range needs such as reaching while sitting in a wheel chair or a rollator when long range reach is not needed.

Reaching Top Shelf

19" Reacher is excellent for extended range needs such as reaching for items on top shelves, behind and between furniture and appliances.


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