15 PACK Transparent 24"x4" Anti Slip Strips for Safety Adhesive Stair/Floor

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15 pcs. of 4x24 inch adhesive tape/ roller | Clear - Transparent

SAFETY ABOVE ALL - Our tape prevents slipping and falling for children, aging adults and pets. It reduces the risk of accidents on slippery wood, marble and tile stairs. Our anti-slip product contains 15 pieces of high quality transparent adhesive tape and a roller. Our tape is manufactured by a high quality ISO 9000 approved manufacturer and was tested for grip, peel adhesion, tensile strength and stretch to assure highest safety and quality.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Made of PEVA - Free of Chlorine, PVC and other harmful materials, contributing to a cleaner and friendlier environment.

NATURAL LOOK - While safety is very important, our unique anti-slip tape provides an aesthetic solution. The tape is elegant and has the highest transparency in the market while not sacrificing safety. Once the tape is adhered and rolled, the stairs will look nearly the same as they did without the tape.

WATER PROOF AND EASY TO CLEAN - Our anti slip tapes are optimized for outdoor and indoor stairs and can be easily cleaned with a moist towel (indoors) or sprayed with a hose (outdoors).. The tape can also be used in showers and bathtubs.

EASY INSTALLATION - install with three simple steps. (1)Remove the white paper from the tread (2)Place the tread 1" from the edge of the step (3)Use the rubber roller (included in box) to flatten the tape.

EASY TO CLEAN - Cleaning your tape is easy and simple. Clean with a moist towel (indoors) or spray with a hose (outdoors). Your treads will look as good as new.


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