Portable Oxygen Tank Backpack O2 Cylinder Bag for M2, A/M4, ML6, B/M6, M7, C/M9

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For those with respiratory problems, going out for oxygen therapy, carrying an oxygen cylinder is a very tiring thing. So our Oxygen Cylinder Backpack is very good for you to solve this problem easily. The Backpack is ergonomic,adjustable,comfortable and light,easy to carry oxygen cylinder.


  • WHY CHOOSE OUR OXYGEN TANK BAG ? Our oxygen backpack have been updated based on customer feedback, such as air holes on both sides, extended shoulder straps and chest straps, reinforced bottom.

  • WATERPROOF & PRACTICAL:This Oxygen backpack solves all your problems with carrying small portable oxygen tanks. Fits M2, A/M4, ML6, B/M6, M7, C/M9. (Do not fit "D" tanks)

  • GREAT GIFT FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED OXYGEN THERAPY:Including COPD, pneumonia, asthma, cystic fibrosis, lung disease, trauma to the respiratory system, also for wheelchair.

  • EXTERNAL LARGE POCKETS & 6 HOSE OUTLETS: The zipper pocket of the oxygen cylinder place for phones/wallets. The outlets allow the hose of the oxygen tank to pass easily without kinking.

      The Oxygen Cylinder Backpack
      Are you or someone you love struggling with how to carry an oxygen tank?
      Good solution - iGuerburn O2 backpacks are designed to carry a portable oxygen bottle. Suitable for M2, A/M4, ML6, B/M6, M7, C/M9 oxygen cylinders.

      The fabric is sturdy and durable, it is a well-designed product on portable oxygen supply. It has several holes and the O2 line will come out from the side and the top without kinking. The backpack straps are adjustable and padded. They distribute the weight much better for those with back and shoulder issues. This is a wonderful way to use your oxygen cylinder. The extended straps can be buckled so that the straps will not loosen, enjoy having free hands. Ideal for your daily travel, work, shopping, and other activities.

      Extended Straps:
      Shoulder straps lenth: 22”-35”
      Chest strap lenth: 9”-21”
      Oxygen backpack
      Velcro strap inside to hold the tank from moving around.
      Oxygen backpack
      Put a piece of plastic to reinforce the bottom of the bag to withstand weight of oxygen tank.


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